SIP, PFEP, Compacts

School Improvement Plan

Winegard Elementary has an intense focus on all students achieving academic success. In order to make a positive lasting difference, we collaborate with administration, teachers, staff, parents, and the community. Data is carefully reviewed, surveys are completed and noted, and all stakeholders provide valuable input toward identified goals and strategies for change. The School Improvement Plan is the road map that guides the vision and journey toward reaching our goals in an organized, efficient manner. Everyone is clear in our direction and the role each one plays to make the dream a reality. We know that real change takes patience and time and that it requires flexibility. Together we can and do make great things happen at Winegard Elementary. We invite you to attend our School Advisory Council meetings. Please contact the front office for the schedule. All meetings are open to the public. We encourage and value your partnership in going from good to great! To view our School Improvement plan, please visit the Florida Department of Education site.

Parent and Family Engagement Plan

Winegard Elementary also collaborates with parents and families in the creation of our Parent and Family Engagement Plan (PAFEP) each year. This is a living document that is reviewed and revised annually to meet the ever changing needs of our students and families. The PAFEP is created by administrators, staff, parents, and community members after reviewing data and surveys. Together, we identify needs and interests to meet the academic and relationship needs of all stakeholders. You are welcome to review this year's PAFEP at any time. It is located in our front office and in our parent resource center. You may also contact our Parent Engagement Liaison, Mrs. Lopez for assistance as well. Your thoughts and comments are welcome and appreciated! You and your students are valued and appreciated!
Let's work together to take good to great!

WES PFEP Plan Approved 2023-2024.docx
WES PFEP Plan Spanish 2023-2024.docx

*We are waiting for Creole translation of the condensed PFEP for 2023 2024. Thank you for your patience.

School Compact

Another way we connect link learning between school and home is through the school compact. The compact is developed in partnership with administration, teachers, parents, and community members much like the School Improvement plan and the Parent and Family Engagement Plan. The compact is also a living document. It can be revised to meet the needs of our students. It serves as an agreement between our school, parents, and students to show a circle of commitment for each one to do their part in working for student success. The compact is reviewed and signed several times during conferences or meetings to keep everyone focused and united for the common goal. We have a primary and intermediate version of the compact. This allows us to provide age appropriate goals. Teamwork.... it's our thing at Winegard Elementary! You are welcome to review a copy of the compacts with Mrs. Lopez in our Family Resource Center. The most recent compacts are below as a reference as we await district approval of revised compacts for the upcoming school year!

Primary Grade Title I Compacts (Grades K-2)
WES PK-2 Compact English 2023 2024.doc
WES PK-2 Compact SP 2023 2024.doc
WES PK-2 Compact Creole 2023 2024.doc
Intermediate Grade Title I Compacts Compacts (Grades 3-5)
WES 3-5 Compact English 2023 2024.doc 
WES 3-5 Compact SP 2023 2024.doc
WES 3-5 Compact Creole 2023 2024.doc