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Winegard Elementary is fortunate to include a melting pot of many cultures. Our English language learners bring valuable cultural heritage. This is vital in helping today's youth acquire the skills necessary to be confident, compassionate leaders for the future. Orange County Public Schools is dedicated to supporting ELL students and their families. If you or your child need additional information or support, please contact our ESOL Compliance Representative, Diane Rosario in the front office or call her extension at (407) 858-3200 ext. 4262237. You may also visit Multilingual Services for more information and guidance.
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Parents, we offer a free English class on campus through The Adult Literacy League. You must pre-register to attend. We currently have a waiting list.We fill positions as soon a space becomes available. Please contact our Parent Engagement Liaison, Mrs. Muchow, through the front office or at her extension at (407) 858-3200 ext. 4262246.

You and your children can access free English lessons online as well! Please visit Duolingo.