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Welcome Patriots! Check Out our “Sun-Sational” Back to School Information!

The OCPS School Board approved 2020-21 Florida’s Optional Innovative Reopening Plan (6 to 2) to include an Innovative model called OCPS [email protected] This Innovative plan was reviewed and approved by the state. Check out the plan here.

• The School Board also agreed to seek a waiver from the state to allow local discretion regarding the start of school, based on local data. The start date is Monday, August 10, for all students online using [email protected] Face-to-face students will transition to the campus on Friday, August 21. This is the emergency order from the state.

• Below are direct links for parents to review each plan to make their decision:

                • Face-to-Face

                • OCVS

                • [email protected]

Also, this link takes parents to FAQs for General Q&A, Face-to-Face Model Q&A, [email protected] Q&A, OCVS Q&A, and ESE Q&A

                • The state’s Reopening Florida’s Schools and the CARES Act

The district is currently doing a parent registration form for each child. Parents must select one of the three models or describe how their child is receiving their education (aka: home school, private school, etc.) The Choice Registration is available in multiple languages through Google translate and the website can be translated by selecting the language tab at the top of the home page. Please keep in mind all plans are fluid and we will keep you informed of future adjustments. Here is the Choice Registration form.

To maximize safety efforts, parents are encouraged to select the OCPS [email protected], if able to keep their child at home.

To submit another question, send it to [email protected]

**Face-to-Face-Instruction will begin as agreed on Friday, August 21. All students must have a mask and bring their device every day. Health and safety policies and procedures will be followed diligently.

** Remember to visit our Family Engagement Canvas Page! We will be posting updated information and resources to help your family remain healthy, safe, and stress free! If you need assistance, please contact our Parent Engagement Liaison, Mrs. Muchow at [email protected] She will be happy to assist you!

** Keep reading at least 30 minutes daily!