School Supply Lists

Florida Standardized Assessments
Patriot LogoFlorida Student Achieve states: Florida’s students and Florida’s schools have risen to more rigorous expectations. Even with higher degrees of academic challenge, more and more students are achieving. That’s great news for Florida families. Still, there is opportunity for improvement.

Students need the full support of their school, family, and community resources more than ever to reach their full academic potential. They depend on us all to be well informed, competent, and collaborative team members. The Florida Department of Education and Florida Students Achieve provide valuable information and resources for educators and parents in knowing and understanding the standards and assessment expectations for each grade level. Please refer to the sites below for personal reference. We have listed the school supplies for each grade level in the tabs on the left. If you need assistance, please contact our Parent Engagement Liaison, Mrs. Muchow through the front office at (407) 858-3200. Additional information can be accessed at