Extracurricular Activities

After School Clubs

To find the best activity to engage and stimulate your child, consider their interests and ask what they WANT to do after school. Make a list of activities with your child. Be very clear with them about the commitment of choosing an after school program. It will involve time, travel, and creativity in making sure homework and projects can be completed.

Think about their personality and strengths. Would your child prefer independent activities such as singing instruction, musical instrument instruction, or art perhaps? Or would your child thrive in team sports, drama, or group dance? At any rate, be prepared for your child to want to explore several different activities to find their personal niche! Check out the activities we provide at Winegard Elementary! For additional information and referrals to other community activities, please see Mrs. Muchow in our Family Resource Center or contact her at her extension at (407) 858-3200 ext. 4262246!